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17th January 2012

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Body of a courtesan in nine stages of decomposition / Kobayashi Eitaku

九相図 小林永濯 1870年代

“九相図の場面は作品ごとに異なり、九相観を説いている経典でも一定ではない。” wiki-九相図


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14th January 2012

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Can’t talk; must scream.

It’s soooooo cold tonight! And I’m here - alone (except for my little dog) - trying to keep warm. It’s cold enough to wake the dead.

Alright, maybe not. Compared to some places in the world it’s practically tropical here. But I’m still cold around the edges.


Last few days. Met up with my little brother. Not on Wednesday though, when I was supposed to meet him. Something came up and he couldn’t meet me. So I met up with a friend and had a different kind of fun.

Work has been…well, work. You do it. You get paid. You try and have fun at the same time. Meh.

Why does the dark seem to seep into all my bones?

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3rd May 2011

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23rd March 2011

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